Ticket FAQs

General Questions

Why did I get this ticket?

The citation identifies your violation under the “Violation” heading. You can find additional violation details in the “Remarks” section.

How often can I get a ticket for the same violation?

You may receive a citation for the same violation at the same location every 24-hour period.

I received a ticket for “No Decal.” What is that?

Some Virginia jurisdictions require the display of a county or city decal to show proof of property tax payment. Arlington County requires a decal — a new decal costs $33.

Can I receive a citation for a “Zone Permit” violation in front of my own house?

Yes. If you don’t display the appropriate zone parking permit, you may be issued a ticket. For questions regarding zone or permit parking, call the Department of Environmental Services at 703-228-3344.

I received a parking citation but it was on private property.

Arlington County has agreements with many of the condos and apartments in the area to enforce County parking regulations on their property. Contact the property management to ask if they have such an agreement.

I received a summons from an officer or trooper, what do I do?

Follow the directions on the summons or call 703-228-7900.

I’ve received a parking citation for a compliance issue (expired or no state inspection, expired or no state registration) what can I do?

If you demonstrate compliance with the law (i.e. fix the problem), the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office will dismiss the charge and you will not have to pay a fine.  You must appear in the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office with your photo ID, proof of compliance and your citation.  When you arrive, you will need to speak to the “duty attorney”.


If you were issued a citation for an issue that had existed for more than 90 days at the time the ticket was issued, you must follow the procedures for requesting a court date to contest your ticket and appear in court.

*If the only citation you received was for an expired or no county decal, please contact the Arlington County Treasurer’s Office at: 703-228-3090 or by email at: treasureroperations@arlingtonva.us.*

Contesting Tickets

How long do I have to contest a parking ticket?

You can request a court date to contest a parking ticket within 30 days from the ticket’s issuance. For more information, read Parking Ticket Appeals.

I’ve already paid my citation but now I’d like to contest it.

A citation cannot be contested once it has been paid. Paid citations are considered uncontested and cannot be issued a court date. (ACC 14.2-95)

If you have questions about your payment, contact the Treasurer’s Office at 2100 Clarendon Blvd or 703-228-4000 or treasurer@arlingtonva.us.

Errors and Ticket System Questions

My citation is not in the system.

Printed citations are entered into the system within 24 hours except weekends. Hand written citations take 2-4 weeks to be entered. If you’ve waited the appropriate amount of time for your citation to be entered, but it’s still not in the system, email parkingtickets@arlingtonva.us.

I called the Clerk of the Court but they do not have any record of my citation. What happened?

The court will not have any record of your court date until 30 days before your court date.

I mailed a payment but it’s not showing up.

If you’ve paid your citation and have questions about your payment, contact the Treasurer’s Office in person at 2100 Clarendon Blvd, by phone at 703-228-4000 or by email at treasurer@arlingtonva.us.

I received a collections notice but I didn’t know about the citation. What can I do?

Call the Treasurer’s Office Compliance Division at 703-228-4000.

I received a Late Notice or Final Notice in the mail and the license plate matches but the vehicle make does not.

Call 703-228-7978 for assistance.

What are examples of clerical errors?

  • The vehicle make is incorrect
  • The license plate number is incorrect
  • Errors made by citizens while paying for a Parkmobile session

What’s not considered a clerical error?

  • If you did not see a sign or misunderstood the parking signs.
  • If you did not properly display the correct decal, permit or receipt.

If your ticket contains an clerical error, please email the supervisor at parkingtickets@arlingtonva.us or call 703-228-7978.

Court Costs

How much are court costs?

The Virginia Assembly determines court costs, which are $66. Note: Court costs are subject to increase without prior notice.

If I’m found guilty, what must I pay?

If you’re found guilty, you must pay the fine and court costs. If you fail to appear at your requested court date, a $35 “No Show” fee will be added to your fine and court costs. Failure to pay the fine and court costs may result in the suspension of your driving privileges in Virginia.

Court Dates

Is there another way to request a court date?

  • In-Person
    • An affidavit may be filled out and submitted at the Police Information Counter at 1425 N. Courthouse Rd. from 8 am to 8 pm Mon-Fri and 8 am to 4 pm Sat-Sun. The affidavit will be forwarded to the Hearing Processing Center.
  • By phone: 1-866-219-4912
    • An affidavit packet will be mailed to you from the Hearing Processing Center. The affidavit must be mailed back to the Processing Center within 10 business days.
  • Online: police.arlingtonva.us/parking/parking-ticket-appeals/
    • Select Option 2: Contest in Court
    • Complete the online form and an affidavit will be mailed to you from the Parking Citation Processing Center.  Then complete the affidavit and mail it back to the Parking Citation Processing Center within 10 business days.

What happens when I request a court date?

If you requested a court date online or by phone:

  1. An affidavit will be mailed to you from the Parking Citation Processing Center.
  2. The form must be completely filled out and signed. Mail it back to the Parking Citation Processing Center at the below address within 10 business days.
    Arlington County Parking Citation Processing Center
    PO Box 8836
    Silver Spring, MD  20907-8836
  3. Once the signed affidavit is received by the Parking Citation Processing Center,  a court date will be mailed to you.

If you requested a court date in-person:

  1. The signed affidavit will be forwarded to the Parking Citation Processing Center.
  2. Once the signed affidavit is received by the Parking Citation Processing Center a court date will be mailed to you.

What happens on my court date?

Court dates are generally on the first Friday of the month at 9 a.m. on the third floor of the Courthouse in Room 3D, unless otherwise stated in the Courthouse on the day of court.  Other court dates vary depending on the issuing officer and court’s dockets.

Should the judge not rule in your favor, you must pay the fine assessed by the judge, which can include the cost of the original parking violation, and associated court costs (currently $66). Arlington County does receive a small portion of the court costs, but it is not responsible for determining the amount charged.

Electronics are not allowed in the Courthouse.

I can’t make my assigned court date. What do I do?

Call 703-228-7900 (phone tree option 3) for all court-related issues, including continuances.

I received a court date and now I want to pay my citation, what do I do?

You cannot pay your citation once you’ve been issued a court date. All of the information is forwarded to the Traffic Court and all actions regarding the citation must be handled through the General District Clerk or the Court 703-228-7900 (phone tree option 4).

If you fail to appear for your hearing, a trial will be conducted in your absence. A $35 No-Show fee will be assessed in addition to the original fine and $66 in court costs.

I requested an affidavit to receive a court date but haven’t received one.

Affidavits can only be mailed once. If you requested an affidavit and have not received it or the Hearing Processing Center has not received the affidavit that you mailed, you must go to the Arlington County Police Department Information Counter to submit a new affidavit.

Court dates take 2-6 weeks to be mailed once the affidavit has been received.

Call the Parking Citation Processing Center at 1-866-219-4912 to see if your affidavit has been received.

Meters, iPark, and Parkmobile

I put money in the meter — there’s no way it was expired. What can I do about it?

If you question a meter’s operation, you can report the broken meter online or call the number on the back of your citation. You can find additional details in your citation’s “Remarks” section.

I have a handicap placard or disabled tags — must I still pay at the meters?

Yes. You’ll find designated “handicap only” parking meters, but you still must pay to park. More information about disabled parking in Arlington.

What is an I-Park Device?


What is a Parkmobile?


I paid using Parkmobile and received a citation. I have proof that I paid to park when the citation was issued. What do I do?

If you have received a ticket while using Parkmobile, forward your paid-session statement from Parkmobile (which includes date, times, vehicle state and tag number, and zone), as well as the citation number, to parkingtickets@arlingtonva.us.

A Public Service Aide supervisor will review the complaint and can void any tickets containing a clerical error.

I was using my Parkmobile application, but I erroneously entered information and received a parking ticket.  What can I do?

Arlington County will void citations issued when a clerical error has occurred and when there is good cause shown that an error was made by citizens while paying for Parkmobile sessions.